Following is an example of the many Research Developments carried out by our firm in relation to the hydraulic services design and documentation.

Northern Fisheries, Cairns Research Centre
For Department Primary Industries
QUT Gardens Point Campus
Value $33M – Information & Technology Building, Built Environment & Engineering Precinct, New Life Sciences Laboratory & Research Centre
Testing & Research Station
Coal mine facility at Redbank - $4M
University of Queensland
Joint Building Project, St. Lucia – Research Facility – Value $100M. Biomedical research and teaching facility for post graduate students.
University of Queensland, St. Lucia
University of Queensland, St. Lucia – Value $3M incorporating the following Research Laboratories:- Ritchie Research Laboratory, Molecular Biology Lab Level 3, Vision Touch & Hearing Level 2, Molecular & Cellular Biology Level 5, Chemistry Laboratory Refurbishment Level 10, New Laboratory & Zoology Museum Goddard Building.